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About IDN

The concept of Indywood was designed give a facelift to the Indian film industry by restructuring and strengthening its entire value chain and firming up the industry across the nation. The project is the brainchild of Mr. Sohan Roy, a visionary leader in India’s media and entertainment industry. He has envisioned the project as a change engine in the industry, primarily aiming to plug the multiple drain holes plaguing the industry and improve the overall accessibility and quality of media and entertainment in India.

Indywood Distribution Network is an initiation of Project Indywood, a project that aims to bring the Indian Cinema at par with Hollywood. The network aims to become a single window portal for Indian filmmakers to take their cinema to a global audience in emerging film economies and strengthen the overseas prospects of Indian regional language films among expats and cinema aficionados.

  • To distribute 20 – 25 premier quality Indian language movies nationally and internationally
  • To provide filmmakers with all necessary support and services to launch their films successfully and economically
  • Have a worldwide presence with robust distribution network
  • Acquire media rights of films, including feature, animation, TV content etc. in all Indian languages and facilitate distribution of content via Theatre, Satellite, cable TV, Internet, VOD etc