About Us

The concept of Indywood was developed to revitalize the Indian film industry by enhancing its entire value chain and fortifying the industry nationwide. The visionary behind this project is Mr. Sohan Roy, a prominent leader in India’s media and entertainment sector. His vision for Indywood is to act as a catalyst for positive change within the industry, addressing various challenges and elevating the accessibility and quality of media and entertainment in India.

Indywood Distribution Network is an integral part of Indywood Entertainment Consortium, which aims to elevate Indian cinema to the global level. The network serves as a unified platform for Indian filmmakers, facilitating their reach to international audiences in emerging film markets. Additionally, it enhances the global prospects of Indian regional language films, catering to expatriates and film enthusiasts worldwide.

Our Objectives

Distribute premier quality
Indian language movies
nationally and internationally

Provide filmmakers with all
necessary support and
services to launch their films

Have a worldwide presence
with robust film distribution

Acquire media rights of all Indian Language Contents and Distribute Globally

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