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Aries Group of Companies


Aries Group of Companies was established in 1998 by Sir Sohan Roy, an innovative business leader and entrepreneur recognized by Forbes. The company’s mission was to deliver high-quality services to the maritime industry. Aries Group’s core operations span Oil & Gas, Offshore, Petrochemical, and Marine sectors. Guided by visionary leadership and cutting-edge technology, the company rapidly expanded, forming a consortium of 66 companies across 25 countries within just 26 years. While maintaining its leadership in the maritime industry, Aries Group diversified into new domains such as entertainment, cinema, 3D technology, healthcare, and technical education. Today, Aries serves over 9605 clients worldwide, spanning various facets of the Maritime, Oil & Gas, Media, and Infrastructure sectors. Aries Group recently completed significant acquisitions in the entertainment industry.

They acquired Actor Mohanlal’s Vismayas Max Studio, which now operate as Aries-Vismayas Max Studio. Additionally, Aries Group took over Epica Studios, India’s largest 3D Stereoscopic Studio facility. These strategic moves have positioned Aries Group as South India’s largest Film and TV Studio network. Furthermore, the group launched AriesPlex, a 6-screen multiplex in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. AriesPlex has garnered acclaim and is considered one of the finest screens in India.

Indywood Entertainment Consortium

Indywood Entertainment Consortium (IEC) is India's leading film production, distribution, and festival consultancy firm, a worldwide player in the Indian and International motion picture business. With a team of experienced professionals, we guide you through every step of your cinematic journey, from scouting the next project for investment to assisting in film production, distribution, and comprehensive branding, ensuring a substantial return on your investment. Our active participation in major film festivals and markets has enabled us to expand our global connections, representing over 60+ Indian cinemas at prestigious events like the Oscars and A-list film festivals worldwide. For the last 7+ years, we have been representing Indian cinemas globally, helping them gain their share of fame and recognition. If movies are your passion, talk to us today and take that first step toward realizing your cinematic vision.


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