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Rights of Exploration

Film distributors play an important part in identifying a films target audience, find new and innovative ways to promote them and make sure that the film is available at different places for people to watch and enjoy it. Indywood Distribution Network also works to reduce piracy due to adaption of Netflix and Amazon prime in large scale. Besides promoting and distributing A –listed movies, we also aim to promote low budget / independent movies with quality content so that the producers can get the due returns on their investment and the quality work is recognized word wide.

Theatrical Rights

Theatrical rights are for the rights to release in theaters which is usually done by territory


DTH stands for Direct to Home and it simply is defined as television viewing services available directly to subscribers through satellite transmission

Airborn Rights

Some films are not made for all the people; they are specifically designed for a niche audience on an airplane. Airborn films that are special documentaries or series that have a limited audience and is only made available for an aeroplane crew.

Audio Rights

Audio rights can simply be defined as music rights that are owned by a film producer

Bluray rights

Blu-ray is an optical disc format, displaying high definition video and storing large amounts of data. There are certain films that can only be enjoyed in blu-ray format and certain producers need a blu-ray release of their films as they want bigger returns.

Internet Rights

There are certain films that have elements that might not be beneficial for a wider audience. Therefore, internet rights of films are bought and they only cater to a limited audience of the internet.

Cable TV Rights

If you prefer a small platform to broadcast their content make use of cable TV rights for your films and sell it to local cable TV channels.

Non theatrical film rights

Films sometimes don’t have a theatrical release, because they are made for a non-theatrical audience. Independent film-makers or free lancers come into play with non-theatrical rights of their films that they broadcast in colleges, museums or institutions.

IPTV rights

IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where internet is used to deliver TV programs & Videos.

Pay Per View

It is a type of pay television service that allows a subscriber to watch various types of content at home by paying a fixed amount. Some producers want to benefit from it all and bring pay per view rights of their films. Some of these service providers include HBO, Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar etc.

Overseas Theatrical film rights

Here the sales agent / international sales agent shall find a local distributor in each individual international territory (meaning outside of the US for a US independent film) and license the exclusive rights to the film.

We also offer:

  • Posters and billboard advertising
  • Cinema trailers and TV adverts
  • Online marketing and social media campaigns
  • PR to secure press reviews and interviews with the stars
  • Promotional tie-ins and merchandise